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How to Retire


We're looking to buy property management portfolios of all sizes.




We're Property Managers,
Just Like You.

We were victims of our own success. Spread thin. Too many houses. Not enough time. We had cashflow, but not enough to hire more high-level team members... and so it goes for years...

May 29th of 2022, the vision came. After countless iterations, our systems now enable our team to service with ridiculous efficiency, while focusing on the human aspect that this industry so desperately needs.

Let us share that connectedness with your landlords and tenants. 



Improving lives,
company at a time.

When we acquired our first few homes, we struggled with property management companies. At first, was built to control the success and stability of our own investment portfolio, but along the way, we realized it’s bigger than that.

We’ve heard from landlords and tenants about situations that caused major stress in their lives. We believe in a better way, an old-fashioned way of doing business, in which people take care of each other and handshakes matter.

Residents, owners, maintenance and managers. . . our team is built on solid relationships with quality people. Folks you can count on. People that do the right thing, when no one’s watching. When we unite people that share these beliefs, we end up improving lives, one home at a time.

Let's chat.

We're approachable, we're real people, and we welcome your call.

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Character. Capacity. Capital. 


Whether you're ready to sell now or planning your retirement, call to learn how to sell us your business. We can pay cash and close quickly, so you can focus on selling real estate or exit with simplicity.





"Selling my Property Management portfolio to was a smooth transition for us, our landlords, and tenants. They are extremely organized and work hard to help. They even built me a website for my new Real Estate sales office! They handled everything.  You will not be disappointed working with their team." 

Vickie Couture, RE Broker
Couture Properties, LLC
(352) 347-7454 


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